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Firaxis Announces Civilization: Beyond Earth

civilization-beyond-earth-headerFans of the Civilization series or the classic Sid Meier’s Alpha Centuri game will have something new to sink their teeth into come this fall. Firaxis promised us something big at PAX East and their idea of a big announcement is to announce that the next game in the Civ series is the spiritual successor to Alpha Centauri with Civilization: Beyond Earth.

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PAX East 2013 News Roundup

PAX East isn’t known for big announcements and this year was no exception. However, there were a few noteworthy tidbits to come out of this year’s convention.

DuckTales Remastered

Sorry, let me compose myself for a minute. It’s a remake of the classic NES game based on the classic Disney cartoon, both of which we all know and love. In addition to the graphical updates, WayForward seems to have added a bit to the game as there are some parts of that trailer that I don’t recognize.

My only question (besides an actual release date) is about the music. The Moon level’s music is considered to be among the best pieces of music written in the 8-bit era. I’m hoping that the original music for that level comes back but as long as that piece comes back in some form or another.

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