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Firaxis Announces Civilization: Beyond Earth

civilization-beyond-earth-headerFans of the Civilization series or the classic Sid Meier’s Alpha Centuri game will have something new to sink their teeth into come this fall. Firaxis promised us something big at PAX East and their idea of a big announcement is to announce that the next game in the Civ series is the spiritual successor to Alpha Centauri with Civilization: Beyond Earth.

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Building (Critical) Consensus: XCOM: Enemy Within

xcom-enemy-within-korean-box-artHow often do games get proper full-on expansion packs nowadays. Sure, DLC is practically a dime a dozen, though publishers sure don’t price them like that. Lengthy expansion packs that eat up hours upon hours of your time rather than hour (singular) of your time seem few and far between, especially outside of the strategy genre. So when one of last year’s best games based on an old-school cult favourite gets an old-school expansion pack, it’s hard not to take notice.

Whether you will like XCOM: Enemy Within and think that it’s worth the $30 asking price will be largely dependent on how much you liked last year’s XCOM: Enemy Unknown. If you loved it, there’ll be more here for you to love. If you weren’t a fan of EU, well, it doesn’t sound like there’s much here to change your mind.

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XCOM: Enemy Within Rated by Korean Ratings Board

xcom-enemy-within-korean-ratingWell, we knew that the classic style of XCOM games would continue after the success of last year’s XCOM: Enemy Unknown but we didn’t know that a sequel was so far along in development.

Yesterday, the Korean Games Ratings Board posted a rating for a PC, PS3 and 360 game called XCOM: Enemy Within.

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Building (Critical) Consensus: Civilization V: Brave New World

civilization-v-brave-new-world-box-artI don’t think I’ve ever rounded up reviews of an expansion pack but few franchises are as iconic as Sid Meier’s Civilization series. Civilization V was roundly considered to be inferior to its predecessor Civilization IV by critics and fans alike. The Brave New World expansion is supposed to close the gap between Civ IV and Civ V. The critics say that Brave New World is mission accomplished.

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Building (Critical) Consensus: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (iOS)

xcom-enemy-unknown-ios-iconI thought that I wouldn’t have to do a review roundup for the iOS port of 2012 hit XCOM: Enemy Unknown but it turns out that it was pretty spectacular, especially when compared to the standard iOS gaming fare. Maybe, just maybe, there’s a chance that iOS devices can be used for serious gaming rather than just endless runners and Angry Birds.

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