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Titanfall 2 Not Part of EA Access Trial and Discount Program

titanfall-2-bannerVery quietly, EA has amended the terms of its EA / Origin Access programs on Xbox One and PC to make a major exclusion. EA has explicitly omitted Titanfall 2 from the EA / Origin Access program which means that the game won’t be available to Access subscribers prior to the game’s release in October.

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EA Announces Xbox One Game Subscription Service

ea-access-logoBack when the Xbox One was first launched, EA came on to the stage and mentioned that they had a special relationship with Microsoft and the Xbox brand. Back in 2013, that meant cancelling their online pass program because they knew that Microsoft was going to load the Xbox One with DRM.

In 2014, that special relationship means that EA is bringing a new product offering exclusively to Xbox One. However, it’s not a new exclusive game. It’s a subscription service that’s exclusive to the Xbox One called EA Access.

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