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GameSpy Multiplayer Shutting Down in May

gamespy-logoIf you were a gamer in the 2000s, chances are that the most precious login you had wasn’t your Steam ID or your favourite forums but your GameSpy login. Now, with the rise of Steam, Origin, Uplay and all sorts of other server setups for online gaming, new games with GameSpy multiplayer are non-existent.

However, for people who still pick up older games every now and then and play a few pick-up multiplayer games, that may change in less than two months. GameSpy multiplayer servers will be shutting down on May 31st.

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PSA: Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Ops are Done

A quick FYI for Mass Effect 3 fans: As implied by a post on the BioWare blog and later confirmed on the BioWare Social Network forums, the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer weekend operations have come to an end. They had been weekly since last fall’s release of the Retaliation DLC and bi-weekly prior to that.

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What to Expect from Mass Effect 3 Reckoning Multiplayer DLC

mass-effect-3-promo-05-koa-reckoning-armorBetween description leaks and datamining the 1.05 patch, we have some idea of what to expect when BioWare eventually launches their upcoming Reckoning DLC for Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer. Unfortunately, BioWare has gotten better at not tipping their hand in their patches. Read the rest of this entry

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