PSA: Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Ops are Done

A quick FYI for Mass Effect 3 fans: As implied by a post on the BioWare blog and later confirmed on the BioWare Social Network forums, the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer weekend operations have come to an end. They had been weekly since last fall’s release of the Retaliation DLC and bi-weekly prior to that.

BioWare says that the servers, N7 HQ online manifest tracking system and the multiplayer challenge system will continue to be supported. How long they will continue to be supported hasn’t been disclosed but presumably it will be for a while as your ending is tied to factors that include playing multiplayer.

The multiplayer operations had to come to an end eventually but it’s a shame that they’re over already. There’s still a dedicated player base for ME3 and new MP video content is being created all the time on YouTube. With ME3 available as one of the free games as part of the SimCity fiasco, you’d think it would be a good idea to do weekend ops to keep the community alive for a little while longer.

Still, I’ve had my fun with ME3’s multiplayer and played semi-regularly up to the most recent weekend operation. I guess it’s time to move on. BioWare already has.


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