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Commander Shepard: A Dramatic Reading‏ by Mark Meer

Any time I get to feature Mark Meer doing something cool, chances are that I’ll take it. That includes this video of Mark doing a dramatic reading of the lyrics to Miracle of Sound’s Mass Effect tribute song Commander Shepard. Maybe I’m biased but I think this is absolutely fantastic.

Remember, you can fight like a Krogan, run like a leopard but you’ll never be better than Commander Shepard.

I should go.


Mark Meer is Modest About His Celebrity Status

Mark Meer isn’t just the voice of Commander Shepard (among other characters) in BioWare’s award-winning Mass Effect franchise. He is also a cast member on the CBC Radio sketch comedy show The Irrelevant Show. Despite the fact that he’s probably the most famous cast member of the comedy troupe, he doesn’t let that fame go to his head as evidenced by his turn answering fan mail on a recent episode of the show.

The Most Mind-Blowing Mass Effect Cosplay Ever

Okay, short of getting Mark Vanderloo, the actual model for BroShep, to cosplay as Commander Shepard, this is the most mind-blowing bit of Mass Effect cosplay you’ll ever see. It’s the voice of Commander Shepard, Mark Meer, cosplaying as Commander Shepard with the face of Samara and Morinth, Rana McAnear. I told you that it was pretty mind-blowing.


Via Soul Fire Photography.

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