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Sony’s “Let’s Play” Trademark Application Rejected Again

playstation-4-share-buttonA couple of weeks ago, we brought you news that Sony Computer Entertainment of America tried and failed to trademark the term “let’s play” at the end of 2015. We noted that they had a year to appeal the ruling by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

It turns out that Sony didn’t waste any time in trying again to trademark “let’s play” but the USPTO once again refused the application.

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Sony Tries and Fails to Trademark “Let’s Play”

playstation-4-share-buttonIn an unusual gaming controversy, Sony Computer Entertainment of America (SCEA) applied for a trademark of the term “let’s play” back at the end of October 2015. The application was discovered by the internet over the last week. This sparked a not insignificant controversy over SCEA trying to claim ownership of a fairly common term in the gaming world.

Funnily enough, the controversy should have been over before it even started. Before the news of the copyright application broke, the US Patent and Trademark Office refused Sony’s application.

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Why are Let’s Play Videos So Popular?

If you read et geekera with any degree of regularity, you probably heard through the grapevine that the most subscribed channel on YouTube, for better or worse, belongs to Pewdiepie. While Justin Bieber might be the king of Twitter, a twenty-something Swedish gamer is the king of YouTube.

But why are let’s play videos so big that Pewdiepie is the most subscribed to man on YouTube? Is it because people are too cheap to buy games, that many people need help with game or some other reason? PBS’ Game/Show examines the popularity of let’s plays.

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