Why are Let’s Play Videos So Popular?

If you read et geekera with any degree of regularity, you probably heard through the grapevine that the most subscribed channel on YouTube, for better or worse, belongs to Pewdiepie. While Justin Bieber might be the king of Twitter, a twenty-something Swedish gamer is the king of YouTube.

But why are let’s play videos so big that Pewdiepie is the most subscribed to man on YouTube? Is it because people are too cheap to buy games, that many people need help with game or some other reason? PBS’ Game/Show examines the popularity of let’s plays.


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  1. For me a LP is even better than a review, and just short of a demo in terms of usefulness–reviews are subjective, but LPS are a candid look at ALL the actual gameplay, allow you to form your own opinions (as opposed to trusting the reviewer’s taste), and are more widely available than demos.

    Plus if you get a good host, they can be entertaining.


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