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Microsoft Fires First Holiday Salvo with $349 Xbox One

xbox-one-no-kinect-headerSince the start of the current generation of video game consoles, Microsoft has been on the back foot. Whether it’s the DRM controversy at the console’s unveiling or the inclusion of Kinect or the $100 higher price tag at launch, Microsoft has been struggling in its battle with Sony for the living room.

For the upcoming holiday season, Microsoft is going to fight back with discounted bundles that will see a $50 discount applied from November 2nd to January 3rd.

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Xbox One’s eSRAM Too Small for 1080p Games

xbox-one-console-bannerThe resolution, graphic quality and framerate differences between the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 games released on both platforms has been a big story since both consoles launched last November. It was expected that the PS4’s use of GDDR5 RAM would allow it to dance circles around the DDR3 RAM of the Xbox One.

However, one developer says that it isn’t that the PS4’s hardware is so much superior but that the Xbox One’s architecture is the issue. The small 32 MB of high-bandwidth eSRAM isn’t conducive to getting games to render at 1080p.

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Microsoft Denies Last Week’s Xbox One Leaks, Publishers Confirm Them

xbox-one-whiteLast week, we told you about some alleged leaks from inside Microsoft talking about their plans for the Halo franchise on the Xbox One and plans for the console itself. While The Verge confirmed some of the details, Microsoft was understandably upset and denied the veracity of the leaks. It turns out that some of their publishing partners aren’t on the same page and have done some quiet confirming of their own.

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Microsoft Leaks Show Big Plans for the Xbox One This Year

xbox-one-whiteAfter a rocky initial announcement and slower sales than the PlayStation 4 at launch, Microsoft is going full-tilt to right the ship and assert the dominance of the Xbox One in the console market.

A number of leaks by NeoGAF user nktrnl, which were subsequently verified by various gaming news outlets, indicate a number of big games and console plans for the Xbox One over the next twelve months to get it on top of the current generation of consoles.

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The Xbox One is Also Suffering from Hardware Issues

xbox-one-console-bannerWell, it should surprise anyone that a new piece of electronic hardware is suffering some issues at launch. Like some PlayStation 4 consoles, the Xbox One is suffering from a few hardware maladies.

While some PS4s aren’t taking the discs into the console, the some Xbox One Blu-Ray drives are not reading discs while others are actually eating the discs.

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Hype Train: Xbox One

xbox-one-headerAnother week, another console launch and another trip aboard the hype train to look at the final of the three next-gen home consoles. This time, it’s Microsoft’s effort at a new console with the Xbox One.

Unlike Sony whose PlayStation 4 is trying to be a thoroughbred gaming machine, the Xbox One is aiming to be an all-in-one box for the living room thanks to TV integration, apps, Smart Glass, Kinect, a Blu-Ray player and the occasional ability to play a game.

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