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E3 2016 Preview: What Surprises Are In Store From Sony?

playstation-banner-e3-2016The pre-E3 press conferences will wrap up with Sony’s annual event. They tend to go very big with their E3 presentations and this year looks like it will be no exception. While the PS4K/Neo won’t be at E3, their E3 presser will have a lot of big games announced and updated from both first and third-party developers. Given last year’s big announcement, this year has a lot to live up to and just might pull it off.

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Critics Corner: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

lightning-returns-final-fantasy-xiii-headerThe saga of Lightning and Final Fantasy XIII comes together in the third installment of the FF13 trilogy. Square Enix billed it as a story that needed three games to be told in its entirety. When I dropped $70 on the first Final Fantasy XIII back in 2010, it seemed so dull and generic with combat that only required you to hold down X until the battle was over that I made about an hour before I put it at the bottom of a drawer and haven’t touched it for the last four years. I spent hundreds of hours playing the FFX games. I even loved X-2 and I’m pretty sure that everyone hates that game and the J-pop therein.

Somehow, the game managed to get a franchise-record two sequels. If the critics scores are to be believed, the games have been getting worse as the FFXIII trilogy has gone along with Lightning Returns hitting the bottom. Oddly enough, that’s how I feel about the franchise  now too. I’ll be quite happy to get back into the series with Final Fantasy XV but, for now, good riddance to FF13.

Anyway, enough of what I think. Here’s what the critics think about Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

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Could Lightning Returns: FF13 Be Teasing a Final Fantasy VII Remake?

Julian Kluk of Clever Noob has found some interesting patterns with Square Enix’s marketing of next week’s Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Square Enix has a spent a lot of time marketing the game’s tie-ins with older Final Fantasy titles through DLC attire for Lightning and including a number of FF7 Easter eggs in LR:FF13. Could this all be a sign of Square Enix getting people ready for a Final Fantasy VII remake?

Square Shows Off the HD Improvements in Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster

You know, I was really excited for Square Enix’s upcoming re-release of Final Fantasy X and X-2. Shockingly, they stand as the only two FF games I’ve played to completion even though they aren’t my favourite FF games. (FFIX FTW!)

This week, SquEnix released a comparison video of the original SD version of FFX for the PS2 and the updated HD Remaster. I have to say, apart from some updated textures, smoothing and colour brightening, there doesn’t seem to be much remastered.

I wasn’t expecting the game to be completely rebuilt in FFXIII’s engine but a little work on those character models wouldn’t have hurt. Just look at the hair and outfits. That was good 12 years ago but I supposed quick cash-ins on classic games is what happens when console manufacturers kill backwards compatibility. Tidus still looks likes he’s pawing at thin air rather than touching Yuna. At least the environments look relatively okay. Maybe it gets better in action.

Anyway, here’s that comparison video.

Rumour: Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD is Getting a New Ending

final-fantasy-x-x2-hd-remaster-headerWere you unhappy with the original 100% completion ending of Final Fantasy X-2? Well, you’re in luck because the upcoming HD remastered version will have a brand new ending scene following the credits.

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Cloud’s Buster Sword is Real and Ridiculous

As cool as Sephiroth and his sword was in Final Fantasy VII, Cloud’s famous Buster Sword was on another level of sheer over-the-top insanity. Sure, Sephiroth’s sword was long but it was closer to an up-scaled letter opener than a sword. The Buster Sword, on the other hand, looks like it could slice someone clean in two.

So it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that when the folks on YouTube’s AweMeChannel, it was the biggest sword they ever build.

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