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NASCAR ’15 Review: Black Flag

nascar-15-headerThe most recent NASCAR game that I played prior to picking up NASCAR ’15 was EA Sports’ NASCAR 06: Total Team Control. Before and after playing that, I regularly played NASCAR Racing 2003 Season. NR2003 is over 12 years old at this point but it’s still considered the best NASCAR sim ever made and still has a fairly healthy community.

So when Dusenberry Martin Racing announced that they acquired the NASCAR license, I was pretty excited. Their leadership includes a veteran of those classic Papyrus Racing Games NASCAR games so I was hoping this would be a sign of good things to come from NASCAR ’15.

Then DMR mentioned that this year’s game was a carryover from previous license holders Eutechnyx who had already started development on NASCAR ’15 when they acquired the license. If you know the name Eutechnyx, you may recognize them as the developers of Ride to Hell: Retribution. Oh my.

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Yahtzee Really Hates Ride to Hell: Retribution

What happens when a well and truly terrible game lands in the hands of games critic Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw? You’d expect him to explode with great new Yahtzee-isms. He definitely does come up with some great metaphors but he seems more amused by how bad the game is than anything else. He actually recommends it too.

Building (Critical) Consensus: Ride to Hell: Retribution

ride-to-hell-retribution-box-artDeveloper Eutechnyx doesn’t have the greatest reputation. They’re primarily a racing game developer but you’d never confuse them with Codemasters. Some games they make are pretty good but most end up getting scored in the more mediocre range.

Well, they certainly made a name for themselves with last week’s release of Ride to Hell: Retribution. The game was originally cancelled in 2009 by publisher Deep Silver. Eutechnyx kept working on the game and convinced Deep Silver to officially revive and release the game. In that time, it went from GTA clone in the 1960s to a complete and utter mess. Unfortunately for everyone involved, it looks like Ride to Hell: Retribution has taken the lead in this year’s hotly contested battle for the Worst Game of 2013 award.

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