Building (Critical) Consensus: Ride to Hell: Retribution

ride-to-hell-retribution-box-artDeveloper Eutechnyx doesn’t have the greatest reputation. They’re primarily a racing game developer but you’d never confuse them with Codemasters. Some games they make are pretty good but most end up getting scored in the more mediocre range.

Well, they certainly made a name for themselves with last week’s release of Ride to Hell: Retribution. The game was originally cancelled in 2009 by publisher Deep Silver. Eutechnyx kept working on the game and convinced Deep Silver to officially revive and release the game. In that time, it went from GTA clone in the 1960s to a complete and utter mess. Unfortunately for everyone involved, it looks like Ride to Hell: Retribution has taken the lead in this year’s hotly contested battle for the Worst Game of 2013 award.

Cheat Code Central (40%): Ride to Hell: Retribution is filled with so many flaws it’s painful. I’m a fan of Deep Silver’s work, but this is far below their caliber. The game feels more than a generation old, and it suffers from low production value, poor controls, and completely screwed up pacing. I will freely admit I did not finish Ride to Hell: Retribution. It was not worth it. Deep Silver, you guys published Metro: Last Night. You are better than this.

Game Informer (20%): With the exception of some Kinect and Wii games that flat-out don’t work, this is the worst video game I’ve played this console generation. Thankfully, it’s terrible in such a way as to make it absolutely hilarious to play. As I played, curious co-workers stopped by to gawk at its unbelievable ineptness. Ride To Hell: Retribution is awful, broken, offensive, ugly, poorly written, and a never-ending source of unintentional humor.

Hardcore Gamer (20%): Ride to Hell: Retribution is an offensive abomination of a game. Once the laughter from its ineptitude wears off, it becomes insulting that Deep Silver thought the game was polished enough to actually produce hard copies and charge thirty dollars for them. We’ll avoid the “worst games ever” aggrandizement, but know that Ride to Hell: Retribution may truly be one of the worst games of this generation. Literally nothing here works: the QTE-filled fighting, motorcycle mechanics, gunplay, voice acting and music and are all some of the worst to come out of a release from a major publisher. A failed project that should have been scrapped, Ride to Hell: Retribution represents and includes everything bad about video games.

Destructoid (10%): To Deep Silver, I can say only this: how dare you? How dare you charge $29.99 for a game that would be theft at a third of that price? How dare you resurrect a game that should have stayed canceled in 2009? How dare you? Any goodwill you may have earned from customers in your years of existence will be absolutely ruined by the release of this squalid little mutant of a game. No word exists for the level of disgust I have for everybody involved in its blasphemous making.

EGM (5%): Don’t play Ride to Hell: Retribution. Don’t think about playing it. Don’t think about thinking about playing it. Forget it exists, and continue your life as though it never did.


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