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NASCAR Heat 2 Review: Racing Through the Pack

NASCAR is one of America’s biggest spectator sports in terms of TV viewership and live attendance but you wouldn’t know this based on its video games. While the likes of the NFL and FIFA have massive video game franchises and the NHL and NBA also have reasonably popular games, NASCAR all but disappeared from the gaming after EA dropped its NASCAR license.

After a period where Eutechnyx had the license and the most noteworthy game they released was Ride to Hell: Retribution, 704 Games picked up the license. Partnered with Monster Games of Dirt to Daytona fame, the new NASCAR games has a bigger presence on NASCAR broadcasts and is getting in the hands of big gaming critics. So while it looks like the series is on the right track commercially, is it on the right track when you turn a wheel in anger? Having reviewed Eutechnyx’s last effort in 2015 (and understanding how that company also released Ride to Hell: Retribution), I can definitely say that the on-track product is heading in the right direction too.

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NASCAR ’15 Review: Black Flag

nascar-15-headerThe most recent NASCAR game that I played prior to picking up NASCAR ’15 was EA Sports’ NASCAR 06: Total Team Control. Before and after playing that, I regularly played NASCAR Racing 2003 Season. NR2003 is over 12 years old at this point but it’s still considered the best NASCAR sim ever made and still has a fairly healthy community.

So when Dusenberry Martin Racing announced that they acquired the NASCAR license, I was pretty excited. Their leadership includes a veteran of those classic Papyrus Racing Games NASCAR games so I was hoping this would be a sign of good things to come from NASCAR ’15.

Then DMR mentioned that this year’s game was a carryover from previous license holders Eutechnyx who had already started development on NASCAR ’15 when they acquired the license. If you know the name Eutechnyx, you may recognize them as the developers of Ride to Hell: Retribution. Oh my.

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iRacing Teaming with Users to Sponsor Josh Wise

dogecoin-nascar-headerIt looks like the good people of the Dogecoin community have started a trend and it looks like Phil Parsons Racing and the Doge Driver himself, Josh Wise, will be the beneficiaries. After /r/Dogecoin raised $60,000 to sponsor Wise’s car at Talladega and voted him into the NASCAR All-Star Race, now online racing sim iRacing is getting fans to help out Wise and Phil Parsons Racing.

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Josh Wise and the Dogecoin Car Finish 15th in the NASCAR All-Star Race

josh-wise-dogecoin-nascar-all-star-raceThe ultimate underdoge story didn’t have the ultimate underdoge ending but for a little team that often doesn’t have sponsorship, this weekend had to have been the best in their history. Josh Wise and the #98 Dogecoin car of Phil Parsons Racing toppled Danica Patrick in the All-Star Fan Vote to qualify for the All-Star Race and came home 15th in the 23 car field.

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Vote Josh Wise and Dogecoin for the NASCAR All-Star Race

The Dogedriver and the #98 Dogecoin car are in the running for a spot in this weekend’s NASCAR All-Star Race. Josh Wise and his #98 Dogecoin car fielded by Phil Parsons Racing are currently in the top ten in voting for the Fan Vote spot in the All-Star Race. After the sponsorship support from /r/Dogecoin earlier this month in Talladega, Wise and PPR also gave Dogecoin sponsorship of its car in the exhibition All-Star Race.

In addition to the driver voted in by fans, the All-Star Race includes race winners since the start of the 2013 season, past Cup champions, past All-Star race winners and the top two finishers of the All-Star Showdown qualifying race.

You can vote at If you have the official NASCAR app, your vote counts for double.

Much vote. Very democracy. Wow.


The #98 Dogecoin Car Finishes 20th at Talladega

dogecoin-nascar-headerMuch draft. Very vroom. Such ‘Dega.

I may have been away last weekend but I was keeping close tabs on the NASCAR race from Talladega. That’s because the community over at /r/Dogecoin sponsored the #98 Phil Parsons Racing Ford for the race at Talladega. Their funding didn’t go unrewarded because the #98 Dogecoin car, piloted by Josh Wise, finished in 20th place on Sunday.

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