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Building (Critical) Consensus: Deus Ex: The Fall

deus-ex-the-fall-iconAll the rumours swirling about a Deus Ex sequel got everyone excited… right until the moment that we found out that Deus Ex: The Fall wasn’t a big triple-A release or even the rumoured Deus Ex movie. No, Deus Ex: The Fall is the first move of the famed franchise into the mobile gaming space. Until XCOM: Enemy Unknown and KOTOR came out on iOS, I assumed that mobile was a wasteland for core gamers but it turns out that there’s hope.

While Deus Ex doesn’t live up to the standards for an iOS game set by XCOM, it’s not an epic failure like Square’s last major mobile release, Final Fantasy: All the Money Bravest. While the combat might have been a bit lost in translation, the multiple approaches to a level of the proper Deus Ex games are still there. Overall, the critics are well and truly mixed on this one.

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