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Crash Bandicoot’s First New Game in Over a Decade May Be Coming Soon

While the rumours and confirmation of a new Half-Life game coming out of Valve has been getting all the headlines, another seemingly long-dead franchise is getting a revival. After getting a shot in the arm from a pair of re-releases, Crash Bandicoot will be getting its first new console game since 2008’s Mind Over Mutant with the rumoured release of Crash Bandicoot Worlds.

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Sony Teases Crash Bandicoot Again

crash-bandicoot-returns-fan-bannerIt’s not a year at Sony Computer Entertainment if they aren’t teasing the return of one of their most iconic characters. PlayStation’s Middle East Twitter account added fuel to the never-ending fire that Crash Bandicoot is coming back to PlayStation soon.

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Sony Denmark Teases New Crash Bandicoot Games

crash-bandicoot-returns-fan-bannerI’ve been banging on for months now that I’ve been wanting a new Crash Bandicoot developed by Naughty Dog for the PlayStation 4. Recent rumours have suggested that Sony Computer Entertainment has quietly reacquired the Crash IP from Activision and a recent Facebook post by Sony PlayStation Denmark has all but confirmed the return of the iconic marsupial to the PlayStation family.

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Crash Bandicoot in Real Life

What would it look like if Crash Bandicoot platformed his way through real life. YouTube user Mat’s Films answered that question with this video that’s a great piece of nostalgia for Crash fans from the glory days under developers Naughty Dog. I wonder whatever happened to those guys.

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