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Crash Bandicoot’s First New Game in Over a Decade May Be Coming Soon

While the rumours and confirmation of a new Half-Life game coming out of Valve has been getting all the headlines, another seemingly long-dead franchise is getting a revival. After getting a shot in the arm from a pair of re-releases, Crash Bandicoot will be getting its first new console game since 2008’s Mind Over Mutant with the rumoured release of Crash Bandicoot Worlds.

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Building (Critical) Consensus: Skylanders: Swap Force

skylanders-swap-force-starter-boxDisney Infinity learned an important lesson this summer: When you come at the king, you best not miss. When they released the game this summer, while it was praised for the sandbox mode, it was criticized for technical issues and campaigns that didn’t allow crossover of characters between franchises which made the whole thing a bit of a cynical cash grab. Now, Skylanders is back with the third installment in the franchise.

With the third installment of Skylanders in as many years, many reviewers were concerned that the franchise would be tired and repetitive. However, Vicarious Visions’ new additions to the franchise with the character creation was a fun addition to the game, even if it seemed a bit simple to snap two figure pieces together. Young or old, the critics say that you’ll have fun with Skylanders: Swap Force. Your wallet, on the other hand, may end up in agony.

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