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Murdered: Soul Suspect Review: Cold Case

murdered-soul-suspect-headerWhen there’s a game that I’m interested in reviewing, I reach out to the public relations officers at the publisher of the game (or their contracted PR firm) to see if I can get a copy for review. More often than not, I don’t get a copy of the game. Usually, I can wait for a sale and pick up a copy to play it through but usually that’s not for several months that it gets down to a price within my budget.

In the case of Murdered: Soul Suspect, I was figuring that Steam’s Holiday or a spring sale would bring it down to a price where I would buy it. Then I got it for $15 from the Humble Store in early August. Two months after the game was released, I’m already getting it for some 70% off. While I know it was a big enough flop to force developer Airtight Games out of business, it couldn’t be that bad, could it?

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Airtight Games Closes Weeks After Releasing Murdered: Soul Suspect

airtight-games-logoThe pressure on developers to take big budgets and turn that into far bigger revenues has been crippling the games industry over the last few years. As budgets grow, innovation stagnates as developers and publishers have become far too scared of financial failure to try new things.

The latest victim appears to be Airtight Games. Having just recently released new IP Murdered: Soul Suspect, Airtight has closed its offices and is selling off its equipment four weeks after the game shipped.

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Critics Corner: Murdered: Soul Suspect

murdered-soul-suspect-headerIf you follow me on Twitter (@TheSteveMurray), you probably saw me mention that I wasn’t disappointed that I was turned down for a review copy of a recent release. The game came out to pretty poor reviews by big release standards so not spending 10 hours of my life playing and a couple more writing and editing a review was probably to my benefit. Instead, I’ll spend a couple of hours reading and condensing reviews of Murdered: Soul Suspect for a Critics Corner post.

Murdered: Soul Suspect sounds like a fairly intriguing concept at first but it sounds like the execution was a little lacking. Just about everyone found some aspect of the game a bit “meh” but most found more than one aspect to be lacking in polish.

So enough of my little preamble. What did the critics think of Murdered: Soul Suspect?

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