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What to Expect From Tomorrow’s Xbox Announcement

xbox-720-logo-conceptWe’re just a short few hours from the big next-generation Xbox console. I’d like to say that it’s going to be the Xbox 720 but we really don’t know what it will be called yet. Heck, two weeks ago, we were all convinced that it would be called the Xbox Infinity before we found out that the name and logo was a hoax.

Before we all gather ’round to watch Microsoft’s big show, we take a look at the news and rumours about the final next-gen console to be revealed.

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Microsoft to Unveil the Next Xbox on May 21

xbox-2013-announcement-bannerThe long wait for the third of the next-gen console will finally end on May 21st as Microsoft officially unveils their next generation of Xbox. And while we expected Microsoft to unveil the console before E3 so that show would focus on the games, we didn’t think that Microsoft would come into this announcement having spent the last three or so months losing the PR battle.

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TotalBiscuit on the Problem with Always-Online Consoles

No one likes the idea of a console or even a single game being always-online. We’ve seen it fail upon launch enough times to know it’s a bad idea. Prominent video game commentator TotalBiscuit had a great example of why always-online just won’t work for everyone.


Here’s a link to the quote in TB’s own voice.

Source: Memebase

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