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Battlefield Hardline Review: SWAT and Robbers

battlefield-hardline-headerBattlefield Hardline came out only 15 months ago and yet I was able to buy a copy from EA’s own Origin store for only $5 just a few weeks ago. It’s amazing that a spin-off of one of EA’s flagship franchise could be discounted to basically free in just over a year from its release. It’s as if EA admitted that they missed the mark with their take on cops & robbers. The question is if the deserves its apparent lack commercial support is because gamers are burnt out in Battlefield or if Battlefield just doesn’t make for a good law enforcement game.

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Battlefield Hardline Open Beta Impressions: Arrested Development

battlefield-hardline-bannerIt’s been about seven months since we last seen Battlefield Hardline. Back in June, EA tried to capitalize on the post-E3 hype of the BFH reveal by almost immediately launching an early beta of two game modes and one map for the upcoming game. At that point in time, the game was due for an October 2014 release.

In the time following that beta, EA, DICE and Visceral announced that the game would be pushed back five months to March 2015. As February began, EA took Hardline back to beta one more time in order to get a last big batch of feedback before it is launched in March. It looks like some lessons from the first beta were learned by Visceral has many more to take into account over the next month.

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Battlefield Hardline Beta Impressions: $60 of an Expansion Pack

battlefield-hardline-headerI know that it’s been a few weeks since the Battlefield Hardline beta has wrapped up but I think I’ve documented (either here or on The Lowdown) how busy I was during the month of June. Now that I’ve finally got a little bit of free time, I’m going to start pumping out reviews and other long-form pieces with a bit more frequency.

So let’s start with the beta for Battlefield Hardline. It was launched with great fanfare at the end of EA’s E3 keynote and was so popular that the Battlefield website crashed as people tried to get into the Beta. With all that hype, it would be hard for BF Hardline to live up to it. And, wouldn’t you know it, Hardline didn’t live up to the hype.

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Amy Hennig Joins Visceral Games as Star Wars Creative Director

amy-hennig-star-wars-headerWhen you’re talented, people are going to want you. Just look at former Naughty Dog superstar Amy Hennig. The former creative director on the Uncharted franchise has moved from a game inspired by a LucasFilm franchise to working on a game that is a LucasFilm franchise. She’s turned to the dark side and joined EA’s Visceral Games to head up their upcoming Star Wars game.

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EA Moves Dead Space Developers to a New IP

ea-visceral-gamesNews of Visceral Games’ demise may have been premature but it looks like news of the end of the Dead Space may not have been. In an interview at E3, EA Games Label vice president Patrick Soderlund says that the developer has been moved on to work on a new IP while Dead Space has been but on hiatus.

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Protect Yourself from the Space Zombie Apocalypse with Your Own Plasma Cutter

In addition to the unique necromorph killing mechanics of the Dead Space franchise, the games introduced some pretty unique weapons. The most iconic of these weapons is the plasma cutter, a mining tool that just happens to be very effective at dismembering the pesky space zombies.

Well, laser gadget aficionado Patrick Priebe has constructed his own plasma cutter for fun and use in any future zombie apocalypses. It pivots. It fires lasers. Short of taking the scythe-like arm off of a necromorph, it looks like the real deal.

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EA Gets the Star Wars Games Licence, Fans Worry

ea-star-wars-logo“I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.” – Obi-Wan Kenobi

When they closed LucasArts, Disney said that they would license out Star Wars to other developers to make games. Well, they’ve gone ahead with that plan just one month after closing down LucasFilm’s in-house game developer and publisher.

Yesterday, Disney announced that EA was awarded a “multi-year exclusive licensing agreement” to develop and publish Star Wars games.

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Reports Say Dead Space 4 Has Been Cancelled

dead-space-3-concept-art-01-isaac-clarkeDead Space 3 has been out all of a month but it looks like EA has seen enough from the sales figures to make a call about the series’ future. Reports say that Dead Space 3 failed to meet its sales targets so EA is pulling the plug on the series, including cancelling Dead Space 4 which Visceral Games already had in pre-production.

The rumour that DS4 has been cancelled is disappointing but apparently not a shock for people inside EA and Visceral Games. While the Dead Space series has been reasonably popular among gamers, it didn’t seem to have too many fans at the publisher. Read the rest of this entry

Building Concensus: Dead Space 3

Seeing as metareviews, frankenreviews or whatever other term you prefer for the aggregation of reviews from major outlets on major (read: triple-A) releases are reasonably popular, I thought I’d launch one of our own for big releases that I’m not reviewing.

Today, we look at what some of the big publications thought of Dead Space 3. Does the new co-op campaign kill the game or can it live up to the first two games of the trilogy. Read the rest of this entry

Catch Up on Dead Space with This Lore Recap

Dead Space is one of my favourite game series of this generation and has now reached the inevitable third instalment. I would have thought that DS3 would have been on Earth and wrapped up the trilogy but that’s not how you milk money from a franchise long after people forgot what the original game was about.

Anyway, if you need a quick refresher of what happened in the first two games, GamesRadar put together a recap of the story of Dead Space 1 and 2. Some artistic liberties may have been taken.

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