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New Facebook App Feature Activates Your Phone’s Mic When You Post

facebook-mobileJust when you thought that Facebook had reached the height of privacy invading evil, they find a new trick to make you think that they may be worse than the NSA. A recent Facebook mobile app update includes a hidden little feature that activates your phones microphone when you’re writing a post, listens to what’s going on the room and includes what you’re up to in your post.

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Facebook to Buy Oculus VR for $2 Billion

oculus-rift-dev-kit-2The company that is bringing the virtual reality headset back to gaming is now a part of the evil empire. The company behind the Oculus Rift, Oculus VR, has been bought by Facebook for a staggering $2 billion.

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Facebook Buys WhatsApp for $19 Billion

facebook-whatsappIt feels as though I’m talking a lot about money and tech this week so why not combine the two. Earlier this week, Facebook announced that they were buying popular cross-operating system instant messaging app WhatsApp for a jaw-dropping $19 billion.

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The Facebook Page Like is a Lie

Facebook has outlawed the use of clickfarms to increase the number of likes on a Facebook page. They’ve banned a number of fake accounts designed solely to like pages that pay for it. However, it’s these fake accounts that are generating millions of dollars in advertising revenue for Facebook.

Veritasium shows how Facebook advertising is based on a lie and how that actually hurts your page as a result.

Snapchat Snaps Outnumber Facebook Photo Uploads

snapchat-headerA couple of weeks back, Facebook made a $3 billion offer to purchase Snapchat. The mobile phone app’s founders/owners rejected the offer from the social media giant feeling that their service was worth more despite not having any real revenue.

Well, it turns out that Snapchat may have had a good reason for turning down Facebook. Recently released statistics show that there are more Snaps uploaded daily on Snapchat than photos uploaded on Facebook.

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Facebook Likes Considered Free Speech

facebook-like-bannerIt’s not something that you would think of as a hot button human rights issue but a US court has ruled that using the Like button on Facebook constitutes exercising the right to free speech and is deserving of the same protections as afforded other substantive speech.

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