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E3 2016: Nintendo Trailers Roundup

Nintendo was the last company to do their E3 presentation. This year, they eschewed from using their Nintendo Direct presentation format and instead did a Nintendo Treehouse let’s stream type of format. The change in format seems to be a result of Nintendo not having too much to show at the moment apart from new Legend of Zelda and Pokemon games.

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The Mass Effect / Pokemon Crossover You Never Knew You Needed

Sometimes, you just don’t know what you need until you get it. Take this fan art album we have for you today. Sketch-BGI over on DeviantArt designed a massive collection of Mass Effect species and turned the into Pokemon complete with evolutions and types. We’re already at 720 Pokemon. What’s another 63 really awesome additions between friends?

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What if Pokemon Took Place in Arlen, Texas?

I doubt that this ranks very high in life’s great what-if questions but what would the Pokemon cartoon be like if it didn’t take place in Kanto Region but in the small town of Arlen, Texas? What if our hero wasn’t Ash Ketchum but Hank Hill? What if Gary Oak wasn’t our heroes rival but Boomhauer?

Most importantly, what if all of these what-ifs came together in a really funny video?

Red is Coming to TV in Pokemon: The Origin

pokemon-the-origin-teaser-trailerWe’ve probably all watched the Pokemon TV series that spawned off the Pokemon video game franchise. People who have played/watched both know that the original star of the game was Red (or Blue if you played the Blue Version) but he never appeared in the TV series. That honour went to Ash Ketchum.

Now, Red is getting his day in the sun. At a Pokemon event in Tokyo on Saturday, we saw the first official announcement of a new anime based on the original game starring Red called Pokemon: The Origin.

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What’s It Like Inside a Pokémon’s Poké Ball?

I’ve never given much thought into what it’s like to live inside a Poke Ball. I always just assumed that Pokemon were converted into some sort of energy and stored inside the Poke Ball. The blue lightning effect from the cartoon reminded me a lot of Star Trek’s transporter setup so I guessed it was like a transporter where Pokemon were held in a suspended state until called upon again.

That theory of how Pokemon live inside the Poke Ball is explored by the folks at Movato along with two others in a handy new infographic.


Game of Pokemon

Catch ‘Em All in Pokemon Snap The Movie

Pokemon Snap always struck me as an oddity in the Pokemon gaming series. While the Game Boy games were about travelling though Kanto (and subsequently added regions), catching Pokemon and being the very best (like no one ever was), Pokemon Snap was about you as a photographer. Not quite as glamorous and exciting.

That doesn’t mean that the Snap concept is unsalvageable. The team over at GrittyReboots have given Pokemon Snap a remake for this movie trailer.

I Knew I Saw the New Starter Pokemon Before


Once this is seen, it cannot be unseen.

Via: Nick DeWitt

Get Ready for Pokemon X & Y

As expected, this morning’s big Pokemon-related announcement by Nintendo was a new Pokemon game for the 3DS. What was surprising was that Nintendo has created a full 3D world for the new game as opposed to the classic styling of the quasi-top down perspective for moving through the world and the mostly static combat screen. That’s fitting considering that it’s the first Pokemon game in 3D (the Black and White series were released on the DS).

In addition to the new graphics style and fully-animated battles, you’re playing in a new area of post-nuclear war Japan the world that looks very much based on Europe. Whether this new region of the Pokemon world is cutoff from the other regions remains to be seen. However, we do know that there will be new Pokemon added to the 649 already in your Pokedex. (That makes me feel old. It was only 251 when I last played a Pokemon game.) Chespin, Fennekin and Froakie have been confirmed as the grass, fire and water type starter Pokemon for the games.

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are due out in October and will be released simultaneously worldwide, a first for Pokemon games.

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