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GLaDOS Explains Nuclear Fusion and Nuclear Fission for NASA

When you need an artificial intelligence to put in charge of some important science, you’re going to want Aperture Science’s Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System, also known as GLaDOS. Sure, some people might consider her evil but she is dedicated to the scientific cause. And I think we can put our differences behind us… for science… you monster.

In this video, GLaDOS explains the differences between nuclear fusion and nuclear fission to two NASA IT techs.


Chris Hadfield’s Mission Reflections

Chris Hadfield’s mission aboard the International Space Station comes to an end tomorrow. His five months out in space has really seen something like a revolution in the communication between the people of Earth and denizens of outer space thanks to social media. Using Twitter, YouTube and video links, Hadfield has brought us a little insight into our world and space while cementing himself as a Canadian national treasure.

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