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You’ve Never Heard of the Sheng Before but It Plays a Mean Super Mario Theme

The Sheng is an ancient Chinese musical instrument whose origins date back to around 1,100 BC. They are still made and played today but it seems that very few people know about them outside of China. However, it may just gain traction based on how perfectly it plays the Super Mario Bros. theme. I know Koji Kendo composed the SMB soundtrack using pianos but the sheng is just too perfect at this.

Here’s Final Fantasy VII’s Boss Battle Music Played by 16 Floppy Disc Drives

MrSolidSnake745 on YouTube is famous for recreating famous pieces of music using eight floppy disc drives. Chances are you’ve seen at least one of his videos, be it this one or his Ghostbusters theme or What is Love. In his latest video, he doubles the number of floppy drives he typically uses to play Final Fantasy VII’s boss music, Those Who Fight Further.

Resident Evil Composer Admits to Using Ghostwriter

mamoru-samuragochiThe Japanese composer once lauded as a modern Beethoven for his ability to compose music despite being deaf has admitted to being a fraud.

Mamoru Samuragochi confessed that he has been using another composer to write music attributed to him since 1996.

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Get Great Indie Game Soundtracks for $1 with Game Music Bundle 5

I’ve never heard of the Game Music Bundle before but that certainly changed with the amazing lineup of music put together for their 5th bundle.

Game Music Bundle 5 includes the soundtracks to indie hits like Fez, Monaco and FTL for only a $1 minimum purchase.

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David Lynch Directed a Nine Inch Nails Music Video

Nine Inch Nails have a new album coming out in September so singles and videos for those singles are already dropping to promote the upcoming release. For their first single, Came Back Haunted, NiN has called in the legendary David Lynch to direct the music video.

This being a Lynch video, it’s dark and bizarre. Basically, it’s vintage David Lynch and I love it. The video also comes with a seizure warning for anyone who might not take well to quick flashing colours in the video.

Cosplaying Violinists Play a Journey Medley

Yesterday, we had Austin Wintory’s detailed commentary of the music he composed for last year’s Game of the Year, Journey. Today, we’ve got more Journey music.

This time, we have violinist Taylor Davis and some intrepid cosplayers put together this two-song medley from Wintory’s Journey score. The songs in this are Apotheosis and I Was Born For This. While you might not know the songs by name, you’ll certainly recognize the sound of the music and the costumes that Davis and friends are wearing.

Austin Wintory Guides You Through The Journey Soundtrack

The score of Journey was just as much a reason as the visuals and story as to why Journey was considered one of the best games of 2012. It was the little indie darling that did damn well near everything perfectly.

Now, composer Austin Wintory takes you through an hour of his epic Grammy-nominated soundtrack for Journey with text commentary.


Massive Attack’s Teardrop Played with the Grocery Store Produce Section

It’s probably not a surprise that I’d be a fan of the recently concluded Fox drama House. Between Dr. House’s general curmudgeon-ness and Hugh Laurie being Hugh Laurie, it’s pretty easy to see why I’d like the show. Beside’s a little bit of Laurie, I thought the theme song by Massive Attack was pretty good. I think I used it once or twice on my university radio talk show.

Anyway, electronic musician j.viewz recently produced his own unique take on the song. It’s not a remix per se. It’s Teardrop performed using fruit and vegetables from his neighbourhood grocery store.

The Super Mario Brothers Theme Meets Heavy Metal

YouTube user 331Erock is best known for his epic metal covers of today’s biggest hits and famous movie music. But the one thing he might do better than those is his metal covers of classic video game music. He’s done Tetris, Metal Gear Solid, Skyrim, Legend of Zelda and many, many more. May favourite cover, by a wide margin, is this Super Mario Brothers cover which includes all of the major themes from the game.

Nothing to See Here; Just a Robot Band Playing Ace of Spades

I’ve never head of robot band Compressorhead but having listened to them cover some Motorhead, I’d say they’re better than 90% of the so-called “artists” making music right now. This three man robot band consisting of a guitarist with 78 finger, a bass player and a drummer with four arms laid down a damn good cover of Ace of Spades.

As an added bonus, Compressorhead’s fans are called meatbags. If you don’t get it, play KOTOR.

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