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Russia Gives The Sims 4 an Adults Only Rating

the-sims-4-bannerCiting the controversial so-called “Protection of Children” law, the video games rating board in Russia has classified The Sims 4 as “prohibited for children” ahead of its upcoming release in the second half of 2014.

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Why I’m Boycotting the Sochi Olympics

sochi-olympic-boycott-headerThere was seldom a moment during the London Olympics that I was tuned away from live broadcasts, especially during handball. I was one of the two-thirds of Canadians who watched Sidney Crosby end the Vancouver Olympics with an overtime goal to win the men’s hockey gold medal.

This time, I won’t be watching. I don’t care if Patrick Chan sets another world record in figure skating or Canada plays Russia for the gold medal in a game that goes to overtime. I won’t be watching my Winter X-Games favourites, slopestyle and halfpipe, or the curlers from my hometown battle for gold.

While the Olympics are supposed to be about coming together, the spirit of unity, and a celebration of sport and national pride, none of that is on display in Sochi. The Russian government, Sochi Olympic organizing committee and the International Olympic Committee have created an Olympic games that does none of that and I want no part of these Olympics.

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Russia to Ban Swearing on the Internet

russia-kremlin-headerWhile Russia is busy waging their war against gays and those who support them, they’re engaging in a mission to single-handedly fix the internet that’s so ridiculous that is makes Aaron Sorkin’s internet writing on The Newsroom seem Emmy worthy.*

Russia is planning to clean up the internet by requiring all web pages with profane language be blocked from access in Russia within 24 hours of the profane language being posted. See, told you Will McAvoy wasn’t this crazy with his mission to civilize.

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