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Zack Snyder Shows Off Ben Affleck’s New Batsuit and Batmobile for Batman vs. Superman

Man of Steel 2 (AKA Batman vs. Superman) director Zack Snyder didn’t go through the usual PR channels for a big reveal of the upcoming DC Comics epic. Snyder took to his Twitter account to show off the first official image of Ben Affleck as Batman along with his new Batmobile.

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This Fan-Made Batman/Superman Trailer is Your First Look at Batfleck and Walter White

Love it or hate it, Ben Affleck is Batman now. Okay, he’s Bruce Wayne. We’re still not sure how he’ll do as Bats. Now, reports say that Bryan Cranston will get his wish to play Lex Luthor in the upcoming Batman/Superman movie (AKA Man of Steel 2). With that info, it’s never too early to see how Batman/Superman could turn out. We have this pretty cool trailer by Soylent Brak 1 that gives us our first almost-look at Batfleck and Walter White in the DC-verse.

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