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Programming Note for August 22 – 27

Hi folks. I have a quick PSA for the rest of the week.

I’m off for the rest of the week and into next week so the blog will be going quiet for the next few days. Unfortunately, this means that I won’t be covering any of the big news from Gamescom as it happens. I’ll do a wrap up of the biggest announcements and stories next week.

Expect normal programming to resume next Wednesday.


Join Our Team of Geeks and Write For et geekera

Was one of your new year’s resolutions to write for a start-up geek blog that aims to be a proper blog for geeks? Well you’re in luck because we’re looking for writers.

We’re always looking for talent writers to join our (currently) highly unpaid team of geek writers whether you want to post regularly or just on the occasions when you’re inspired. You can write about anything geek related such as technology, games, comics and more.

If you’re interested in writing a guest post or joining our writing staff, email us at etgeekera [at] or complete the form below to tell us what you want to write about. Read the rest of this entry

Welcome to et geekera

Today, we launch et geekera. et geekera (or etg for short) is a geek interests and lifestyle blog.

Our mission is to take the word “geek” back for the geeks. We aren’t geeks in name only. We have a passion for what we write about and want that to translate to the page. If you have a passion for tech, games, sci-fi and more, you’ve come to the right place.

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