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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Tickets to Go on Sale Tonight after New Trailer Reveal

star-wars-the-force-awakens-poster-headerIf you’re a Star Wars fan and onboard the hype train for Episode VII – The Force Awakens, today is the big day. After revealing the official poster, the folks at announced that the new trailer for The Force Awakens will launch during Monday Night Football tonight and tickets will go on sale today.

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Life is Strange – Episode Four Review: Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

life-is-strange-episode-four-headerNext week marks the release of the final episodes of both Tales from the Borderlands and Life is Strange. As someone who is reviewing both games, that leaves me a choice of which game I should play first when both finales come out on October 20th. After playing Episode 4: Dark Room, Life is Strange proved that it is the best in class in the episodic adventure game genre.

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Life is Strange – Episode Three Review: Truth and Consequences

life-is-strange-episode-three-headerNewton’s third law states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Put simply, for every action take, there is an opposing force pushing the opposite way with equal strength. While that’s a law of physics, Newton may as well have been a philosopher with that one. I’m not sure that there’s a law of physics more appropriately applied to life.

The whole point of Life is Strange is actions and their equal and opposite reactions. You could make the argument that all games that are designed to change themselves to fit your decisions should act like that. If there’s one thing that Dontnod has gotten right through three episodes of Life is Strange, it’s that your decisions cause real and obvious reactions in Arcadia Bay. It certainly extends beyond just little changes in dialogue too.

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Haven: Power Review

haven-boat-headerImmediately following the first episode of The Final Season™ of Haven, we got the 12th-last episode. With the town dealing with the fallout of even more Troubles, things are about to get a lot more interesting in Haven. And with this being Syfy’s 31 Days of Halloween, it wouldn’t surprise you if things get a little murdery in Maine.

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Haven: New World Order Review

haven-title-card-bannerHaven is back for the home stretch. Over the summer, and not to many’s surprise, Syfy announced that they would be cancelling Haven at the end of the remaining 13 episodes of the double-length fifth season. New World Order is the first of what has been branded “The Final Season” of Haven. While I might be sad to see Haven go, the final episodes got off to a great start.

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Doctor Who: Before the Flood Review

doctor-who-before-the-flood-headerFor the second story in a row, Doctor Who is a two-part episode. As much as I like the vintage style of a multi-part Doctor Who story, after the Dalek two-parter and this ghost story, I’m not sure that they’ve quite figured out the pacing yet.

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2015 League of Legends World Championship: Lessons Learned from Week One Champion Selection

league-of-legends-2015-world-championship-headerI think I’ve mentioned it before on the blog but an acquaintance of mine is trying to drag me back into playing League. He’s an ADC and he’s looking for a regular support main to keep him dying. So not only have I been scrambling to learn new champions (I’m not very good at Bard or Soraka but I picked up Sona and Thresh surprisingly quickly) but I’ve been watching the World Championship to pick up a thing or two.

One of the more interesting storylines from Worlds, besides the Western teams doing surprisingly well, especially Cloud 9, is how diverse champion selection has been through the first four days of group stage matches. In the 2014 Worlds, only 58 champions were contested during the whole event. In one week, the teams have contested 59 champions and we could see more champions introduced to counter other team comps as the month progresses.

But what lessons are there to be learned from picks and bans from the first week of Worlds?

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Hitman to Launch with Half of Levels at Half-Price

hitman-headerJust when you thought that triple-A couldn’t quite figure out how to do early access properly, Square Enix seems to have hit on a model that is tolerable. Continuing their rather interesting news week last week, Square Enix unveiled the launch plans for next year’s Hitman. Half of the game’s content will be available at launch with the remaining half rolling out over the course of the next three months.

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Doctor Who: Under the Lake Review

doctor-who-under-the-lake-headerIf there’s one way to describe Steven Moffat’s run as showrunner, it’s to call it a throwback to classic Doctor Who. He’s mixed in little bits of action, horror, morality, and dry humour to make a fun show just like it was when it first started. Moffat also seems to be bringing back the multi-part stories to Doctor Who. For the second story in a row, we have a two-parter. While the last one was meant to tug at your heartstrings, this one is meant to send chills up your spine.

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A Date with The Silence

This week on the lighter side of Doctor Who, we have a short little comic featuring one of The Silence. For a villain that can be so scary, The Silence can be the subject of some pretty good comedy right. At least, I feel like I find something funny. I can’t remember what though… Oh, look! A Doctor Who comic!

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