British Inventor Creates Glow-in-the-Dark Ice Cream

glow-in-the-dark-ice-creamPerhaps just a little late for Halloween, British inventor Charlie Francis, whose company is best known for creating unusual flavours of ice cream, has created the first ever glow-in-the-dark ice cream using an artificially created version of a jellyfish’s luminescence protein.

The jellyfish protein was synthesized by scientists in China at Francis’ request after reading a research paper about jellyfish. The glowing is a result of licking the ice cream which increases the temperature of the protein which in turn raises the pH level of the protein causing it to glow. As you lick the ice cream more and raise its temperature, the ice cream glows brighter.

Don’t expect glow-in-the-dark ice cream to hit store shelves or be served in an ice cream parlour near you. Francis says that the luminescence protein costs four times as much as gold which makes a scoop of his glow-in-the-dark ice cream cost roughly $200 per scoop. For that much, I hope it tastes good.

As for his next trick, Francis is thinking about making an invisible ice cream. He said, “It is inherently impossible because of the refraction caused by the ice crystals which make up the ice cream, but I reckon we will find a way of doing it.”

Source: Yahoo News


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