Haven: Crush Review

haven-headerAfter a second consecutive episode in which everything seemed to change, this week continued our road to the season finale. While the last couple of weeks were a bit more action packed, this week’s episode slowed things down so we could focus on the relationships of the various characters. Well, mostly everyone who isn’t Audrey.

The episode starts the morning after the previous episode. Nathan and Audrey wake up together, though there’s no sign of the creepy Bar duo. That’s because they’ve been off supercharging someone else’s Trouble. Well, not really supercharging as bestowing a Trouble on a pair of brothers from the Driscoll clan. The Driscolls, which include the very anti-Troubled Reverend Driscoll from the first two seasons, famously don’t have any Troubles.

Well, not only do they have Troubles but it’s killing people. Since they’re avid scuba divers, their Trouble causes the area around them to become pressurized like it is under the sea. And since the physical manifestations of Troubles affect Audrey (which I guess makes sense because the woman with the weather Trouble affected her), she needed a deep-sea diving suit to get close enough to the second brother to calm him down so he didn’t crash the whole town.

Yeah, Trouble of the Week was pretty bog-standard and was only really made lively by the fact that it tied into the early episodes of the season and the Dave’s great evil warning from a few episodes back that hasn’t really been brought up since. Granted, I’m on the record saying that Trouble of the Week is my least favourite portion of the show.

In the meantime, Duke is back to being vintage Duke. Duke isn’t handling Wade’s death so well and is blaming and lashing out at everyone. His thinking is that if he wasn’t so busy helping everyone else with the Troubles that none of this would have happened. So he decides that he’s going to pack up everything and sail off into the aether. That includes throwing Jennifer off the boat which doesn’t go over well considering that he wanted her to stay with him in the first place.

While Duke is reluctant to help Nathan and Audrey, he eventually does. This is even though Duke blames Nathan for Wade’s death because he didn’t die at Audrey’s hands to end the Troubles. And he still saved Nathan when he had problems with his scuba suit. Duke might want to act like the heel but he really has a heart of gold.

And in the episode’s C-plot, Jennifer and the Teagues brothers continue the story of the great evil that would descend upon Haven when The Door was opened. While we know that the evil has come to Haven, the townsfolk haven’t seen any proof. Dave knows this because he’s been reading Sebastian Cabot’s journal which includes information about Haven and the Troubles (and here I thought he was only ever in Canada) and none of the signs of the great evil have appeared in Haven.

That is until Jen says that she’s been seeing the horseshoe crabs with human eyes that are a sign of the arrival of the great evil. And then Dave and Vince start to worry. This changes everything, not only because they’ve got bigger problems than standard Troubles but because Cabot’s journal says “What was once your salvation is now your doom.” Everyone knows what that means.

And cut to Audrey and Nathan in Audrey’s apartment. Nathan is tearfully explaining to Audrey how she has to kill him now to end the Troubles since they’re only getting worse and destroying the town. As Duke, Jen and the Teagues arrive at the Gull to talk to Lexi about the great evil, a shot rings out and cut to black.

Overall, I wouldn’t call this the strongest episode of the season. If anything, it’s a transitional episode that ties off many of loose ends that had been introduced at the start of the season like Duke’s role in Haven, Jen and Duke’s relationship, what the great evil that came from the door and when will people find out that Lexi is Audrey.

Now, we have to see how the season plays out. Since everything that we thought we knew or were expecting has been tossed out the window over the last few episodes, the show has a few surprises left in store for us this season. It’s just a matter seeing what they are.

Other random points of note:

  • The Brothers Teagues had some good moments this week between getting the bends and working on this great evil that has come to Haven.
  • Given how many times Duke called Audrey “Audrey” in this episode, I’m surprised that it took until Vince at the end of the episode to catch Duke’s little slip of the tongue.

Next week, it’s Edge vs. Kurrgan! It’s a man whose Wrestlemania win-loss record is second only to The Undertaker against a man who never appeared at Wrestlemania! And William makes his first appearance in Haven, if that interests you. What will happen when the Barn and Haven collide?


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