Sony Says Not to Panic About the Red Line of Death

ps4-console-headerThe latest point of contention between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One fanboys has come courtesy of a Sony event in Spain. A PlayStation 4 unit showed a red LED line on the top of the console where there is normally a blue LED line. Many people are jumping on this as a major potential issue with the PS4’s hardware but Sony is saying not to panic.

ps4-red-line-of-deathThe picture to the right is the red line of death incident in Spain. According to multiple reports, the PS4 unit was contained in a clear acrylic case that didn’t have any ventilation and was on for several hours before the red light came on. Apparently, to correct the issue, a Sony employee opened the acrylic case and the red line and an on-screen overheating warning quick disappeared.

Apparently, the red line of death isn’t the same as the red ring of death the plagued early Xbox 360s. While the 360 basically melted on the inside when the RROD, the RLOD is supposed to just be a warning to tell you that your PS4 is overheating and needs to cool down. What we don’t know is what happens if action isn’t taken to cool the console down. You’d hope that it shuts down before it melts down like a computer but we don’t know if that’s the case.

For the sake of comparison, the Xbox One is designed to decrease power in order to improve the cooling of the system. Essentially, by making the system work less hard, it’ll help it cool down. Beats the hell out of the console melting.

So nobody on either side of the debate scores any points from this one. Nothing is melting any time soon. Unless you seal your console in an acrylic box.

Sources: Official PlayStation Magazine, Joystiq

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