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Blizzard Cancels Next-Gen Project Titan MMO

blizzard-bannerIs the MMO as we know it dead? After seven years in development and having never been officially announced or unveiled by the company, Blizzard revealed that they have cancelled Project Titan, the next-generation MMO that was to succeed World of Warcraft.

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Blizzard Raising UK World of Warcraft Subscriptions by £1

wow-warlords-of-draenor-headerIf you’re Blizzard and you’re hemorrhaging subscribers to your flagship game ahead of a hotly anticipated expansion pack, how do you make the money work? If the plan being implemented in the UK is any indication, it looks like you raise the prices.

Blizzard has announced that the monthly subscription prices for World of Warcraft gamers in the UK will increase by £1 per month.

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World of Warcraft Celebrates 10 Years and 100 Million Players

This fall, Blizzard’s World of Warcraft will have been around for ten years. Just ahead of its tenth anniversary, Blizzard announced that the flagship of the MMO genre reached the 100 million account milestone. Those 100 million players have created over 500 million characters in the world of Azeroth. Sure, WoW might not have as many players now as it did at its peak but it’s still the biggest game in MMOs.

For more about the last ten years of WoW, we have a handy infographic for you.


How Much Would WoW’s Stormwind Keep Cost? (Infographic)

The folks over at Movato have a real cool hobby. They frequently do valuations on fictional real estate. World of Warcraft fans would be fans of their latest in-depth valuation. They’ve taken a look at Stormwind Keep and valued it in both real dollars and in-game gold, in case Blizzard decides that they need to sell it off.


Leeroy Jenkins Does The Civil War

We’ve all see the famous Leeroy Jenkins video by now. If you haven’t it features one player single-handed destroying his group’s well laid out plan by going Rambo and causing total annihilation. Well, Leeroy wasn’t the first to go Leeroy. There’s a piece of Civil War era art dedicated to the attack style made famous by Leeroy.


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