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Building (Critical) Consensus: DuckTales: Remastered

ducktales-remastered-box-artHow far can nostalgia carry a game? Perhaps more importantly, what matters more when evaluating an updated version of a classic game: How it stacks up by today’s standards or how it stacks up to the original game?

I feel as though that’s the problem that faced many reviewers when they evaluated DuckTales: Remastered. Some evaluated it on its own merits by today’s standards and some compared it to the NES classic. When I first checked MetaCritic, it was literally split down the middle with half evaluating the game compared to the original and the remainder evaluating the game on modern platformer standards.

I’m kind of glad that I haven’t received a copy from Capcom because I’m not sure how to best critique an HD remake of a favourite of everyone who grew up with an NES. From the looks of it, the critics can’t agree how to rate DuckTales: Remastered either.

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