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The War Z Reaches One Million Players; My Faith In Humanity Dies

the-war-z-bannerThe War Z, which I refuse to refer to as Infestation: Survivor Stories until such time as the game is fixed to the point of being playable and not just a blatant cash grab, hasn’t been hurt by its terrible reputation. The game’s publisher has announced that the game has over 1.3 million registered users.

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PSA: The War Z is Now Called “Infestation: Survivor Stories”

The controversial zombie MMO, The War Z, has a new name that you should be aware of with the Steam Summer Sale fast approaching. The War Z has been rechristened as Infestation: Survivor Stories after the United States Patent and Trademark Office said that publisher OP Productions couldn’t trademark The War Z.

If you recall, The War Z launched in December on Steam and was quickly the subject of much controversy. It was launched as a largely incomplete game with numerous graphical and gameplay issues. It was quickly pulled after it was revealed that the game’s description and promotion screenshots contained numerous inaccuracies. The game was relaunched in February but wasn’t reported to be any better.

Currently, the game has a score of 20 on Metacritic.

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