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E3 2014: Conan Previews Super Smash Bros.

If you want to make a big wave in marketing your game at E3, you don’t take your game onto IGN or anyone else’s all-day E3 livestream or even make it a part of your media briefing. You take your in-development game to Conan O’Brien for a Clueless Gamer segment.

For his latest Clueless Gamer segment, Conan took at look at the upcoming Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.


E3 2014: Nintendo Press Conference Trailer Roundup

Now that you’ve caught up on reading about the latest offerings from the crew at Nintendo, how about we all watch the latest offerings from Nintendo. While we might have been complaining about a lack of system sellers on the Wii U thus far, it looks like the next 18 months of the Wii U’s life might just be worth picking up the console, especially when it comes down to the $300 price range from the $350 in Canada.

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E3 2014: Nintendo May Have Won E3 Without Even Showing Up

nintendo-e3-2014-headerFor the second straight year, Nintendo forewent the big press event and instead kicked off the first official day of E3 with a special Nintendo Direct video conference. While it might scream of a company bleeding cash, it may not have been a bad idea this year. With neither Sony nor Microsoft setting the world on fire with their media briefings, the door was open for the white brand to make a big impression.

Not only did they have a big opportunity, they took it and got people excited about Nintendo for the first time in a few years.

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Story Mode Dropped from Super Smash Bros. and YouTube is Blamed

super-smash-bros-bannerNintendo’s apparent war against YouTube has carried into what it’s going to put into one of its upcoming games. Super Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai has written in his column in Weekly Famitsu magazine that the next Super Smash Bros. game won’t include cutscenes.

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