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The 2014 Steam Summer Sale is Underway!

steam-summer-sale-2014-bannerIT BEGINS!

From now until the end of the month, many of the games you’ve been looking forward to playing will be on discount during the annual Steam Summer Sale. As usual, the sale will include the Daily Deals that run for 48 hours, Flash Sales that run for 8 hours and Community Picks that also run for eight hours. If you want to buy a game, make sure it falls into one of those three brackets or you’re spending too much.

By the way, Community Picks now come in four packs. You vote for the set you want to win rather than just the individual games. More discounts for everyone!

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Steam Summer Sale 2014 Dates Leak

steam-sale-wallpaperSorry to interrupt your E3 coverage but I thought that it would be a bit more important for you to get your wallets ready for the apocalypse. Did I say apocalypse? I meant 2014 Steam Summer Sale.

A reported leak over on NeoGAF says that this year’s Steam Summer Sale will run from June 19th to June 30th.

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Steam Summer Sale: July 21, 2013

steam-summer-sale-banner-july-21We’ve reached the final day of the 2013 Steam Summer Sale. There is less than 24 hours to get a hold of any games that you are interested in while they’re still on sale.

To celebrate the final day of the sale, Steam is bringing back some of its most popular sales to give you one last chance to save some money and get some great games. If only I didn’t get all the games on my wishlist before now…

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Steam Summer Sale: July 20, 2013

steam-summer-sale-banner-july-20We’ve reached the final weekend of the 2013 edition of the Steam Summer Sale and there are still some good deals to be had.

For example I liked Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed as a kart racing game. If you want a good karting game for the PC, you could do far worse that SASRT (even if the acronym is terrible). Also, the KOTOR games are on sale. Buy them. Don’t think about any issues you might have playing an older game. KOTOR is essential gaming.

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Steam Summer Sale: July 19, 2013

steam-summer-sale-banner-july-19Time is quickly running out of this year’s Steam Summer Sale and you can really tell. All the big deals are just being recycled at this point in the Daily Deals. Okay, that’s not news. At least it gives you a chance to make up for missed Flash Sales.

That’s not to say that there aren’t some good deals for the next 48 hours.

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Steam Summer Sale: July 18, 2013

steam-summer-sale-2013-july 18-bannerWe’re reaching the home stretch of the Steam Summer Sale. I haven’t reached three digits spending yet but I think that Steam is going to make a late push for my money.

By the way, I was right about Torchlight II being the featured sale today. I’m thinking that Skyrim will be tomorrow’s featured deal. I guess that I didn’t have to rush to get Skyrim: Legendary Edition on that recent Community Pick.

And watch out because The War Z is on sale as a Daily Deal under the name Infestation: Survivor Stories.. For the love of god, don’t buy this game.

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Steam Summer Sale: July 17, 2013

steam-summer-sale-2013-july 17-bannerAnother day, another fresh set of Steam Summer Sale deals. Some of today’s daily deals might seem a bit familiar because they have been flash sales and community choice sales during the first six days of the sale. Still, it never hurts to have a second chance.

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Steam Summer Sale: July 16, 2013

steam-summer-sale-2013-july 16-bannerFirst, sorry that I missed yesterday’s breakdown. I’ll have those daily deals for you below.

So we’re on to Day 6 of the annual Steam Summer Sale. We’ve reached the halfway point of the 12 day sale (assuming that the sale ends at 1:00 PM Eastern on July 22nd) and it seems like I’m finally going to start hurting my wallet something fierce today.

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Steam Summer Sale: July 12, 2013

steam-summer-sale-banner-july-12Welcome to Day 2 of the 2013 Steam Summer Sale. I have gotten through the first day completely unscathed. I was very close to buying Skyrim: Legendary Edition but I decided to hold out to see if I can find a better deal.

Anyway, here’s a look at today’s Daily Deal and the latest round of Flash Sales and the Community Pick.

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It Begins! The Steam Summer Sale is Go!

steam-summer-sale-2013-headerAs I mentioned yesterday, the annual Steam Summer Sale started today. The first deals went live at 1:00 PM Eastern. There will be the usual collection of 48-hour daily deals, 8-hour flash sales and 8-hour community pick deals. However, good luck buying anything right now. Steam is getting hammered with traffic.

We’ll be keeping tabs on the big sales and dropping PSAs for you to checkout under the Steam Sale link on the top banner.

For now, here are the active daily deals (ending July 13th at 1:00 PM Eastern) and flash sales (ending at 9:00 PM Eastern).

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