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Titanfall 2 Out By March 2017, Will Include Single-Player

titanfall-headerIt’s amazing how much can change in the span of two years. When Titanfall came out in the spring of 2014, it was the first triple-A game to eschew a traditional single-player campaign for a multiplayer-only experience. I suggested that it’s success would cause other games to go that route, though Evolve and Battlefront were the only noteworthy games to take this approach to middling critical reviews.

Two years later, Respawn is starting to divulge details of Titanfall’s sequel and it looks to be dropping for the format it pioneered. The devs say that Titanfall 2 will have a single-player campaign to tell its story.

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Critics Corner: Titanfall

titanfall-headerAll the teaser videos, all the previews, and all the hype comes down to this. Hype doesn’t make great games. Even I’ve helped feed the machine with my column about how Titanfall could be transformative for the FPS genre. I might have been reaching since early reviews suggest that the story campaign seems tacked on. Mind you, I doubt anyone is buying a multiplayer-only game for the story mode.

Titanfall didn’t quite set the world on fire with the critics. Sure, it got a lot of 90s but a game with this much hype is the sort where you have your expectation set at 100. If you love multiplayer FPS game, you’ll probably love it. If you’re on the fence, it looks like it comes down to whether you prefer story or shooting. One will cause you to buy it and the other will cause you to pass.

Also, Polygon’s review indicates that Titanfall was reviewed in an enclosed environment, not in the live, retail environment so the reviews may not necessarily reflect the current state of the game.

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Is EA Not Issuing Review Copies of Titanfall on PC?

titanfall-bannerI’m used to not getting review copies of games from publishers. In fact, I would be exaggerating if I said that my success rate is better than 1 out of 10. So I wasn’t surprised when I didn’t get a copy of Titanfall to review.

However, I quickly noticed something. Not only was I not doing a Titanfall review but nobody is doing a Titanfall review. At least, not on PC. A quick look online shows that either nearly no one is getting PC review copies or Microsoft swung a deal so the PC embargo is later than the Xbox One embargo.

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Titanfall is Poised to Completely Change the FPS Genre

titanfall-header-largeWhen I was at Fan Expo last August, someone in line for the State of Gaming panel asked the group of us waiting where we thought the industry was headed. Increasing the quantity and quality of free-to-play games was a popular answer. More mobile games for core gamers was another answer. Motion controlled games on Kinect, Wii U and PS Eye finally becoming proper gaming was a less popular suggestion but it was made.

After some pondering, I realized that those answers weren’t wrong but I had a better one. While all those ideas might be right, I think Titanfall might be a harbinger for where the industry is headed. It has nothing to do with mechs or pretty graphics or third-party triple-A games going exclusive. It has everything to do with dropping the single-player campaign and launching a game with only multiplayer.

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Titanfall Beta Impressions: Pilots and Rockets and Mechs, Oh My

titanfall-bannerOne of the most hotly anticipated games of 2014 just wrapped up its beta testing period. For the majority of interested gamers, this was their first chance to play the heavily hyped and critically acclaimed Titanfall.

I somehow managed to get into the beta despite the fact that I rather detest multiplayer in first-person shooters. Granted, that’s mostly a function of my being terrible at FPSs. Single-player campaigns, like BioShock, I’m fine. Throw me into something like Planetside 2 and I’ll be into a sub-0.1 K/D ratio. Could Titanfall convert me from FPS neophyte to another shooter junkie? No but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t still fun.

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Titanfall Data Miners Uncover New Game Modes and Maps for Full Release

titanfall-headerWhen the internet is excited about something, people are going to find a way to find out more about it. Yesterday, intrepid data miner and NeoGAF user, RazorUK, discovered two new multiplayer game modes not seen in the beta, a number of new weapons and perks for both pilots and titans, and 12 new maps that will be available in the game at launch.

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