Titanfall Data Miners Uncover New Game Modes and Maps for Full Release

titanfall-headerWhen the internet is excited about something, people are going to find a way to find out more about it. Yesterday, intrepid data miner and NeoGAF user, RazorUK, discovered two new multiplayer game modes not seen in the beta, a number of new weapons and perks for both pilots and titans, and 12 new maps that will be available in the game at launch.

Let’s start with the game modes that RazorUK uncovered. In the Beta, we have seen Attrition, Hardpoint Capture and Last Titan Standing along with the Beta Variety Pack which cycles you between the two maps in the beta and game modes (though the Variety Pack only swapped me between Attrition and Hardpoint without ever doing LTS).

The full release will see the addition of two classic multiplayer game modes. There is Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag. This will be supplemented by a new Variety Pack that will cycle you through the various multiplayer game modes, besides the campaign.

As for maps, there will be 15 in the game at launch. The beta includes Angel City and Fracture as playable in multiplayer matches. Image files indicate that the Training Ground will also be available for multiplayer as well.

The remaining twelve maps (hyperlinked to banner images for each map) are:

The first joke I read on Reddit was that five maps would be available for free at launch with the rest available as Day One DLC. It’s funny that’s the first place we always go with EA no matter how hyped people are for a game. But that brings me to a similar point. We don’t actually know how many maps will be available at launch and how many are coming later. One would assume all of those maps are going to be there at launch with more coming as DLC.

Nine of the seventeen pilot weapons are available in the beta. There are two assault rifles, a sub machine gun, one light machine gun, a revolver, a sniper rifle, an anti-titan energy beam weapon and a magnetic grenade anti-titan weapon that will make their debuts in March. The full release will also see satchel charges and arc proximity mines added as ordinances.

Titans will get two new ordinance weapons and three new standard weapons. Titans will soon be able to wield a plasma railgun, an arc cannon and a triple grenade launcher. By hitting the G key (or whatever it is on console), the cluster missile and multi-target missile can be deployed.

There’s even more information and details in RazorUK’s NeoGAF thread but I think that this is what everyone is looking for. The beta was really only a small sampling of what Respawn has in store for Titanfall. If you were sold on the game before, I don’t think this is going to change your mind.

Also, NeoGAF user fade_ found some source code in the PC version of the game that referred to a PS3 version of the game. As you know, the game is exclusive to the Xbox One (referred to as “durango” in the image below after the console’s code name), the 360 and Windows PC thanks to an exclusivity agreement between EA and Microsoft that sees Microsoft handling the server side of things. One would also assume cash changed hands given how much market share foregoing the PlayStation consoles is likely to have cost EA and its investors. The “PS40” in the code refers to pixel shaders rather than the PlayStation 4 console.


I should probably note that Respawn and EA haven’t confirmed any of this. That’s typical of instances of data mining. I suppose we’ll all find out if it’s true on March 11th.

Also, as a quick PSA, the beta is scheduled to end tonight (February 19th) at 9:00 PM EST. If you want to get some late Titanfalling in before the release, this looks like your last chance.

Source: NeoGAF (1), NeoGAF (2)

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