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Is Sony Revealing The PlayStation 4 on February 20th? Get Giddy!

That video above says it all. Sony has decided to hold a massive PlayStation event in less than three weeks’ time. Investors and the media have been invited to this press conference.

All signs point to this being one of two things: Either Sony has purchased the exclusive rights to Crash Bandicoot and handed off development of a new trilogy to Naughty Dog or PS4! PS4! PS4!

Sorry, I’m trying not to get excited. While this generation of console hardware has performed admirably and has played host to many an excellent game, after seven years, it’s time to move on. When a cellphone (okay, smartphone) has more horsepower than the major home consoles, it’s time for an upgrade.

Rumours say Sony is Dropping the DualShock Controller for the PS4

broken-ps3-controllerIt appears the folks in charge of designing Sony’s PlayStation 4 live by Red Green’s philosophy of if it ain’t broke, you’re not trying. A recent report on CVG says that Sony will radically change their traditional DualShock analog controller for one that will include a touchscreen on the front and biometric sensors built into the grips. Read the rest of this entry

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