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Six Seasons and Where’s My Movie? Yahoo Revives Community

community-yahoo-headerJust when we thought that we were in the darkest timeline, Yahoo, of all companies, grabbed the die from mid-air and saved Community from cancellation. The former search engine turned web conglomerate is getting into the original programming business and is leading off with a 13-episode sixth season of the cult hit sitcom.

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Heroes Returns to NBC in 2015

heroes-reborn-bannerRemember Heroes? Wasn’t that a pretty cool season of television? Sure, it dragged a bit at points but, on the whole, it always seemed fairly interesting and compelling. That 2006-07 season was a ratings and critical hit.

Then the second season of the show dropped and things very quickly stopped making any sense. When the show stopped being interesting, the people stopped watching and the critics stopped caring. The show slowly bled viewers until it was mercifully killed by NBC following its fourth season.

However, NBC execs are so desperate to shore up a network that’s competing with Univision for 4th in ratings any time The Voice isn’t on that they’re going back to the well. NBC announced that they’re reviving Heroes for a 13-episode miniseries called Heroes Reborn and bringing back creator Tim Kring to helm it.

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Crucifictorious Reunites on Friday Night Lights / Parenthood Crossover

This probably doesn’t fall under the usual list of things that we cover on etg but I thought that this was too neat not to post. I’m a big Friday Night Lights fan so when we get a reunion of Landry Clarke’s (played by FNL/Breaking Bad/Battleship alum Jesse Plemons) band Crucificorious, I’m going to post that video.

Clear eyes, full hearts…

Good News! G4 Won’t Die to Make Room for Esquire

g4-headerWith the growing power of geek culture, it came as a bit of surprise that NBC would kill off geek culture cable channel G4 to be replaced with the planned quasi-men’s issues focused Esquire Network. However, only two weeks from the official launch of The Esquire Network, NBC gave G4 a stay of execution.

The Esquire Network will instead take over NBC’s Style Network when the new cable channel launches on September 23rd.

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Is Community A Postmodern Masterpiece?

As a geek blogger, it kind of goes without saying that I’m a huge fan of the NBC sitcom Community. While, this season hasn’t grabbed me in the same was as past years, it’s still a damn good series. So good, in fact, that PBS has taken notice of it. The question of life, the universe and everything: Is Community a great postmodern TV show?

By the way, Community is on tonight at 8:00 PM on NBC.

NBC Will Officially Kill G4 in April to Launch The Esquire Network

esquire-network-logoRather than believe in the old adage that the geek shall inherit the earth, NBC Universal has decided to officially announce that they are killing off G4. Okay, we all knew that this has been coming for a while seeing as they’ve been slowly axing G4 anchor shows like Attack of the Show and X-Play. However, now it’s official that G4 will cease to exist and NBC will launch The Esquire Network in its place on April 22.

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Season Four of Community Will Start with THE HUNGER DEANS!

I’m a huge fan of NBC’s cult hit sitcom Community. Like many of my fellow Human Beings (that’s the name of the show’s fans), I’m a little worried about the direction of the show after NBC turfed showrunner Dan Harmon which led to a mass exodus of the show’s writing staff and producers.

NBC is trying to calm everyone down with their sneak peek of the Season Four premiere episode, airing February 7th, which we have below. Read the rest of this entry

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