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Doctor Who Fan Proposes During a Matt Smith & Karen Gillan Photo-Op

Every so often, someone going through the conveyor belt that is the celebrity photo-op booth at a convention does something memorable. One of the all-time most popular posts on this site is when Norman Reedus photobombed a convention photo-op with Lean Headey and Peter Dinklage.

This Doctor Who photo-op might just be cooler. A couple went to Louisville Comic Con to have their picture taken with Doctor Who stars Matt Smith and Karen Gillan but the man had another idea. He proposed to his girlfriend mid photo-op with Karen and Matt standing right there. Their reactions are priceless.

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Doctor Who: The Time of The Doctor Review

doctor-who-the-time-of-the-doctor-headerThe recent Doctor Who Christmas special marked a couple of milestones for the series. Not only did The Time of The Doctor mark Matt Smith’s final appearance as The Doctor and Peter Capaldi’s first appearance in the titular role but it was the series’ 800th episode dating back to 1963.

Given the hit or miss nature of many of the 11th Doctor’s adventures, would his final story at the helm of the TARDIS be another Moffat classic or would Eleven go out with a whimper rather than a bang?

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Doctor Who: The Day of The Doctor Review

doctor-who-the-day-of-the-doctor-headerOver the course of 50 years, Doctor Who has come a long way from an old man travelling around in a plain-looking police box in a children’s educational show. Now, it’s a massive worldwide phenomenon that has skyrocketed in popularity since the series was revived from cancellation in 2005.

The 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, a show that was effectively dead for sixteen years, has garnered so much attention that it may be an event that rivals the World Cup final or Super Bowl when all the viewers are counted up. Could The Day of The Doctor live up to the expectations and hype of one of the most hotly anticipated TV events of the year?

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Matt Smith is Leaving Doctor Who

doctor-who-11th-doctor-regenerationFarewell, Eleven. We hardly knew ye. After about three years on the job, Matt Smith will be hanging up the bowtie and fez and leave Doctor Who at the end of the year. A press release from Smith said that he would appear in the 50th Anniversary Special and make his final appearance at the helm of the TARDIS in the Christmas Special when The Doctor will regenerate into the Twelfth Doctor.

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