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2K Marin Takes Over BioShock Franchise

Just because Irrational Games has effective shut down as it restructures to become the world’s highest-profile indie-sized game developer, that doesn’t mean that their epic BioShock franchise is gone with them.

2K Marin, the studio that helped Irrational with BioShock and developed BioShock 2, has been tapped by Take-Two Interactive, 2K Games’ parent company, to once again take over BioShock and make the next game in the series.

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Relive the Downfall of Rapture in a BioShock Fan Film

So the planned BioShock film helmed by director Gore Verbinski didn’t work out but that doesn’t mean that we’ll never have a live-action return to Rapture.

A group of Vancouver film students did their own short fan film looking at the rise of plasmids and the downfall of Rapture from the prospectives of two brothers who travelled to the underwater city to be artists. I call it a fan film but the sets, props and special effects are absolutely fantastic. You mean to tell me that students can manage this but Hollywood can’t do it without breaking the bank?

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