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Building (Critical) Consensus: Fighter Within

fighter-within-box-artBack when I did the Hype Train post about the Xbox One, I said that we had to wait for some games that used the Kinect as a motion controller before we could actually say whether the upgraded camera was worth the hype and extra $100 asking price. Well, little did I know that there was a fighting game that used the Kinect as a controller.

Well, Fighter Within was a third-party exclusive fighter for the Xbox One that was buried in the Xbox One launch line-up. It’s easy to see why it wasn’t promoted. This game just doesn’t work. Whether it’s a matter of the software not being programmed well enough to use the Kinect or whether the Kinect 2.0 isn’t any better as a controller won’t be determined until we get the next Kinect 2.0 game. For now, the consensus is that Fighter Within is awful and so is the Kinect 2.0.

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