Building (Critical) Consensus: Fighter Within

fighter-within-box-artBack when I did the Hype Train post about the Xbox One, I said that we had to wait for some games that used the Kinect as a motion controller before we could actually say whether the upgraded camera was worth the hype and extra $100 asking price. Well, little did I know that there was a fighting game that used the Kinect as a controller.

Well, Fighter Within was a third-party exclusive fighter for the Xbox One that was buried in the Xbox One launch line-up. It’s easy to see why it wasn’t promoted. This game just doesn’t work. Whether it’s a matter of the software not being programmed well enough to use the Kinect or whether the Kinect 2.0 isn’t any better as a controller won’t be determined until we get the next Kinect 2.0 game. For now, the consensus is that Fighter Within is awful and so is the Kinect 2.0.

God is a Geek (40%): Fighter Within could have had potential, if more work had gone into the gesture recognition and making the Kinect actions translate into the game world, but as it stands it feels like a lazy game that’s been rushed out to hit the Xbox One’s launch date.

Hardcore Gamer (30%): Fighter Within could have been a demo disc for the power of the Kinect 2.0, but instead is an absolute mess that recalls all of the original sensor’s faults… [F]lawed mechanics and problematic movement recognition lead to a game that is unpleasant at best and insulting at worst considering its limited content and full price tag.

EGM (25%): Fighter Within was buried under the rest of the Xbox One launch lineup for a reason. This one-on-one fighter is a throwback to the problems of the first Kinect—and does nothing but sow seeds of doubt that the next-gen Kinect sensor is any different from its predecessor.

Canadian Online Gamers (20%): Ubisoft’s Fighter Within is not the start Kinect version 2.0 was looking for. If anything it gives all the Xbox One doomsayers a glaring example of why the Kinect should have been abandoned a long time ago. Even if this game was a fraction of its baffling $59.99 price tag, I would not recommend it for anyone. The Fighter Within has only one good thing going for it and that is you can burn a few calories after a fight or two. Otherwise, do yourself a favour, avoid this game as it’s awful.

Eurogamer (10%): There are so many things wrong with Fighter Within it’s impossible to keep count. The first thing you notice is the gesture recognition. Kinect struggles to comprehend the most basic of hand movements. Performing simple actions requires gargantuan amounts of perseverance and luck, and frequently leaves you frustrated, furious and exhausted. And that’s just the menu screens.


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