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KeSPA Announces Results of League of Legends Matchfixing Scandal Investigation

ahq-koreaOn Monday, KeSPA, the Korea e-Sports Association which acts as a governing body for eSports in South Korea, released the results of their investigation into the AHQ Korea League of Legends matchfixing scandal that was brought to light by AHQ Promise’s attempted suicide.

The result of the investigation by a KeSPA emergency task force showed that AHQ Korea team manager, Noh Dae Chul, attempted to fix matches at OGN’s League of Legends Champions Spring 2013 tournament but ruled that only Promise had attempted to throw the matches.

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League of Legends Pro Player Attempts Suicide After Revealing Matchfixing Scandal

ahq-koreaFormer League of Legends pro player Cheon Min-Ki attempted to committed suicide on Wednesday night shortly after revealing that his former team, AHQ Korea, was involved in matchfixing orchestrated by the team’s manager, Noh Dae Chul.

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