Former StarCraft Champion, Life, Arrested for Match-Fixing

life-starcraft-wcs-2014One of the top stars in professional StarCraft has been arrested under suspicion for match-fixing. Life, who was the 2014 StarCraft World Champion, was formally arrested over the weekend by the Changwon District Prosecutor’s Office and certainly turned the StarCraft world on its head.

According to reports, this investigation may relate to an investigation by the Changwon District Prosecutor’s Office that resulted in the arrests or bans of several StarCraft II pros, including Yoda and BboongBboong, and the dissolution of SC2 team Prime.

Kwanghee Woo, former editor of prominent SC2 community site, Life, whose real name is Lee Seung Hyun, was arrested for receiving money to fix matches. Woo also noted that the Prosecutor’s Office put out a detailed report at the time of match-fixing arrests last fall. No such report was produced at the time of writing. He also noted that a 2014 Pro League match in which he played was being closely scrutinized for improprieties by fans in Korea.

Life’s involvement will come as something of a shock considering his success in StarCraft II. He’s won ten premier-level tournaments over the last four years, including the 2014 World Championship, two GSL titles, two MLG championships, two IEM events and a DreamHack open. He is also the only player to make back-to-back appearances in World Championship finals coming one map short of winning the 2015 World Championship. His success has given him career earnings of $468,000 which is second only to MC in SC2. Apart from maybe two-time WCS World Champion sOs, Life is the top player in StarCraft II.

Currently, his GSL Code A match against Bunny has been postponed pending current proceedings. GSL has not announced a go-forward plan for that match. While under investigation prior to his arrest, Life was prohibited from playing any SC2 games by KeSPA (the Korean eSports Association). Unless this is resolved extraordinarily quickly, it looks like Life won’t be making Code S this season. That’s the least of his problems, though.

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