The New Batman v Superman Trailer Looks Like Anything but a Lawsuit

While I can question the thinking at Warner Bros over not doing a Man of Steel sequel before doing a Justice League movie, naming this movie in the same style as a legal proceeding and seemingly borrowing from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, the fact of the matter is that this is the hand that DC Comics and Superman fans are being dealt.

In the neverending quest to beat Marvel at the box office, DC Comics had their new trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice leaked early, just like Avengers: Age of Ultron. We have the officially released trailer and analysis after the jump.

Unlike say Injustice, Superman doesn’t seem to be a villain in Batman v Superman. He’s not seemed to ask for this might be a better way of putting it. Instead, he appears to be a figure of hero worship which has made him a bit of a villain to certain groups. It sees as though people either view him as a savior or a false god.

The trailer takes a dark turn with the introduction of Batman who doesn’t seem particularly fond of Superman. It goes very The Dark Knight Returns with Batman opposing Superman and the big armored Batsuit in the final scene of the trailer. The big problem is that you’re going to make one of these two a villain of this movie and I think there are more Batfans than Superman fans.

We also get to see Batfleck in action. Unlike Christian Bale who probably growled himself hoarse in his Batsuit, it sounds like Ben Affleck is getting a little post-production help to change his voice. As goofy as it sounds, I can’t blame Ben. I do a mean Christian Bale as Batman impression (if I do say so myself) but it really hurts to do that for any length of time.

So I think I’m less excited for Batman v Superman after watching this trailer than before it. Call me a pessimist but I think that my Superman loving self isn’t going to have as much fun watching this as Batman fans. So am I wrong or is it too early to tell?


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