Twin Peaks Returns in 2016

twin-peaks-headerOh mairzy doats and dozy doats and liddle lamzy divey. A kiddley divey too, wouldn’t you? Put on a pot of damn good coffee and slice some cherry pie. David Lynch and Mark Frost are teaming up to bring back the iconic cult hit supernatural murder mystery Twin Peaks for a nine episode third season to air on Showtime in 2016.

The plan for the series’ revival is for Lynch and Frost, the producers of the original two season run of Twin Peaks on ABC in the early 90s, to pen all nine episodes of the show with Lynch scheduled to direct each of the nine episodes.

The new episodes won’t be a reboot or a revival but will apparently pick up the series 25 years down the road to match the passage of time since the last episode of the show aired on ABC in 1991. Frost refers to the revival as “the next chapter of the story.” The passage of time is a good and bad thing. Maybe this means that we can all forget about some of the more questionable storylines that made up the back half of Season Two (the whole James Hurley story immediately comes to mind) but it also calls into question the availability of all the original stars.

According to Variety, one of the driving forces behind Twin Peaks at ABC is also a driving force behind Twin Peaks at Showtime. Gary Levine, Showtime’s executive vice president of original programming, was also the man who championed the show at ABC. A quarter-century later, he’s the executive who has helped bring Twin Peaks back to TV.

So I’ve gone all this way and I’ve been trying really hard not to fanboy out. That being said OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! TWIN PEAKS IS COMING BACK! I LOVE THAT SHOW! Unless no one comes back and the show is completely retooled, I’m not sure I could be disappointed by this show.

Source: Variety


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  1. Not sure if like?

    Season one was sublime, but season two was subpar…
    I’ll probably watch it anyway. I feel Season One was good enough to cancel out two less good seasons.


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