Yet Another Battlefield 4 Bug is Discovered. Will This Game Ever be Fixed?

battlefailed-4-headerIn news that should surprise absolutely no one, another bug has been discovered in Battlefield 4. Whether this bug has existed since launch and never been documented with proof until now or was inadvertently created with another patch isn’t known.

What I can tell you is that you shouldn’t shoot in the vicinity of downed soldiers. The new “Death Shield” bug will make you pay by launching projectiles you fire toward a downed soldier back at you and killing you.

The so-called “Death Shield” bug was discovered by YouTuber Jack Frags. The bug is a result of the downed state that soldiers enter shortly before they die. In that downed state, the player is protected by an invisible shield. However, that invisible shield extends upwards from all downed players and blocks all projectiles passing over that player. Well, it doesn’t just block but reflects them back to you and kills you.

Here’s the bug in action:

The fact there’s a bug in BF4 shouldn’t surprise anyone. This game has been riddled with bugs since launch. There were bugs, glitches, server crashes, game crashes, lag issues and more when the game was released. An update on BF4’s patching back in March, five months after the game’s release, DICE wrote up a blog post outlining five major issues they were still fixing as well as briefly skimming over more minor issues. That doesn’t include the dozens, if not hundreds, of issues that DICE previously patched.

The joke was that Battlefield 4 was released in Early Access by DICE and EA because there were so many bugs still to fix. It’s sadly not far off the mark. New and more painful bugs are still being discovered six months after the game’s launch. I don’t think that this game may ever get properly fixed.

The funny thing is that IGN has their new re-review policy to update review scores to reflect a game months after release and after the game has been fixed. I think that Battlefield 4 might actually get a worse review score as a result.

Source: PC Gamer


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