PlayStation’s MLB: The Show Franchise to go Multi-Platform

Baseball has been without a major multi-platform game since 2K pulled the plug on the franchise after their 2013 game. Since then, baseball games have been limited to the PC management simulator Out Of The Park Baseball, MLB Advanced Media’s in-house developed RBI Baseball and the PlayStation-exclusive MLB: The Show.

That is soon to change. No, a new player isn’t entering the space but one is expanding. As part of an extension of their licensing agreement, Major League Baseball and Sony Interactive Entertainment announced that not only will the MLB: The Show series continue but it will be coming to multiple platforms as soon as 2021.

The MLB series started in 1997 with the release of MLB ’98 and has continued ever since. It changed names in 2006 from MLB to MLB: The Show to mark the introduction of the franchises new The Show career mode. Coincidentally, 2006 was also the year that a new exclusive licensing agreement for Major League Baseball games came into force. That year saw 2K Games earn the exclusive license to make MLB games. There was a little kicker that allowed console manufacturers to produce MLB games for their own consoles. Under that loophole, Sony continued to produce its MLB games for its consoles.

Now, Sony will be taking The Show from their own consoles to many more under their new agreement with Major League Baseball and the MLB Player’s Association. As Sony’s San Diego Studio is mentioned in the press release about the new agreement, it’s safe to say that they will likely be in charge of development of the game. No mention was made of how Sony will handle porting and publishing to other consoles.

For their part, both the official Xbox and Nintendo Twitter accounts have tweeted about this news. While no other consoles were specifically mentioned as landing spots for future MLB: The Show games, it’s safe to say that Sony’s two main rivals in the console space are willing to accept a baseball game with open arms.

Source: @MLB_PR

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