Haven: The Trouble with Troubles Review

haven-bannerIf you’re a fan of both Haven and the original Star Trek, you might have been in your glory watching this week’s episode. There was the allusion to the classic The Trouble with Tribbles with the episode’s title and a classic Star Trek-style alternate universe story which was also a trick from last season of Haven. So what trouble can there be if there aren’t any Troubles.

The episode starts with the aftermath of a volcano eruption having devastated Haven. They don’t show much of what happened with the eruption. It’s a cable show. They have a budget that forces them to rely on Canadian tax incentives to get the show made. We’re not getting a volcano and lava unless it’s from a school science fair. We did get a burnt building, a bit of torn up landscape and ash covered faces at the start. I guess that works.

When Audrey wakes up after spending the night with Nathan, she doesn’t wake up in her apartment but the attic of a bait shop. It’s still the Grey Gull’s building but not the Gull anymore. All her stuff is gone, including her shoes. She wanders into town but is stopped by Haven PD. But it wasn’t Nathan, Dwight or any of the regulars. Instead it was Detective Duke Crocker who has no idea who she is. Nor does the full head of haired Dave Teagues or the dandily dressed Vince Teagues. And title credits.

So Audrey has ended up in an alternate version of Haven where there’s no crime and no Troubles. Audrey never existed in this reality because there were no Troubles. She ended up in this alternate Haven, though. So did William, who finds her when she was having a psych evaluation because everyone seems to this she’s crazy. He thinks that there’s a Trouble to blame for getting rid of the Troubles and sets about trying to solve it while Audrey draws the attention of Detective Duke Crocker.

While Duke is trying to help Audrey reconcile old Haven to new Haven, William goes off trying to find the Troubled person causing this. His search leads him to the Brothers Teagues. And he kills them. His theory is that if he kills the Troubled person, it will end their Trouble and result in the Trouble-free alternate universe Haven having never existed and everything returning to normal. And poor Doreen, whose supercharged Trouble caused the volcano eruption at the start of the episode, had her neck broken by William but that didn’t work.

So William smartly tries an alternative form of persuasion. He sets course for Audrey’s home planet of Alderaan. I mean- William kidnaps alternate universe Nathan’s family which motivates Audrey to action. Following the lead of a vandalized real estate poster, she’s able to stumble upon our Troubled person whose family Trouble causes wishes to come true. But like any good be careful what you wish for and/or magic monkey paw story, his wishes tend to backfire. He wished for the Troubles to disappear after the volcano killed his significant other. He made it happen but he also disappeared from existence.

So Nathan, no longer being a cop in alternate Haven, trades Trouble of the Week for his family. After trying a little bit of persuasion of his own on the guy, William just decides to up and shoot him when Nathan and Audrey thing they have him cornered. That causes Audrey to wake back up in normal Haven. Everything is back to normal but the Troubled fella is dead and his Trouble with him.

Back in Haven Prime, Audrey, Nathan and Duke decide the best way to deal with William is to just shoot him. So they track him down and he starts to explain his and Audrey’s hidden back story. And Nathan flies off the handle and shoots William. And that wound ends up on Audrey too. They’re so connected that Audrey got William’s gunshot wound without getting shot. And cut to black.

Overall, I thought this was an uneven episode. I liked that the writers switched things up by going with the alternate universe. It gave the actors some room to stretch their legs by giving something different to do. For the most part, I quite liked the performances this week.

On the other hand, I’m not buying what Colin Ferguson is selling. He’s coming off creepy but never really as an antagonist. He just doesn’t seem threatening. It’s kind of like Captain Kirk fighting the Gorn. You can see what he’s trying to do but you’re just as likely to laugh as take it seriously. If he wasn’t trying to encroach on Naudry shipping, would we even care what he’s up to?

Until William becomes some sort of believable antagonist he’ll just be that guy who’s drunk enough that he just won’t take no for an answer. How many drinks in the face will it take to get rid of him? Once we get him some motivation beyond that, I might care.

Other random points of note:

  • Did anyone else watch this episode and say, “You’re Eric from Jericho!” I must have a thing for shows on the bubble. Jericho, Haven, Chuck, Parks and Rec, Community, Sisto/Anderson Law & Order and the hits keep coming.
  • So if Audrey and William are so connected, how do you get rid of one and not the other. There’s only three episodes to sort that out. I’m not convinced that the writers can do that without a cliffhanger of epic proportions.
  • Apart from the wardrobe department, the performance of the week might have been from Lucas Bryant. Serious and brooding isn’t something he does exceptionally well. Quiet, unassuming and friendly was much more his speed. Well, he’s Canadian so it suits him better.

Next week, a ghost hunting reality show arrives in Haven and get a closer encounter than they could have possible imagined. With Audrey laid up in hospital after her sorta gunshot wound, it’s up to Nathan and Duke to carry the load next week. At least Dwight should be safe. I don’t think ghosts or monsters use guns.


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